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Bringin' The News

2012-02-11 06:02:26 by BearPawMedia

Hello to all! We're back again with some NEWS!! Excited? Oh... well you should be!

First off, we apologize for the lack of updates via news journals. If you aren't aware by now, Collin and myself have been making monthly(ish) vlogs which contain lots of future plans and ideas the two have in store for Bearpaw Media. A lot of news and updates are given via the vlogs, so it slipped our minds about making an actual official News update. Despite the vlogs, we will continue to post news updates via the News Journal to give you a more formal approach as to the future of Bearpaw.

Secondly, we are currently having some website issues, as our web host is going out of service. The domain is still secured, however this means that we cannot update the site nor check our emails until we up and find a new host. We are working to handle the situation as fast as we can, but until things are more stable our Deviantart and Facebook pages will be the main source for uploads and updates. Hopefully the situation will be handled before the month of February is over, and we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. For those of you seeking commissions or needing to contact us for any reason, please MESSAGE US THROUGH DEVIANTART OR A COMMENT ON OUR FACEBOOK PAGE. We will update as soon as possible once our email is up and functional.

Issues aside, what are we planning on bringing to the table? Well quit your sqwakin', ya band of Rooster bandits! We're getting' to it!

As everyone and their cousins probably know by now, I'm currently illustrating a kids book for Smiling Daisy books. The dead line is the middle of this month and the e-book is due to come out this summer. There are a lot of good vibes coming from the project and we personally can't wait to see the final product.
While working on that, I'm also working on getting my graphic novel, "Royal Fool", finished by the end of April. Though it would be great if it could be published this spring, the actual publishing date is still up in the air for the time being.

With these two projects currently under my belt (along with school), I've been very busy and noticed the sort of void left on site. Well thou shalt feel neglected no longer!! Andrew, Collin, and myself are teaming together to whip up small but epic pieces to bring to the table while they work on the larger projects. These pieces include:

1. "The Backward Cases of Antoinette": An episodic adventure web comic featuring the delightfully nonsensically derpy Antoinette, a skunk who seeks to be the greatest private investigator there is. With the help of the former criminal, Auguste the fox, she will try her best to solve as many cases as she can and bring peace to psychotic inhabitants of Wormwood Forest. Written and drawn by Me Co-written and additional work by Collin & Andrew

2. One Panel-One Week Comics: Collin & I will be working on One panel "funnies" every(ish) week. These will start this next week and run until we (or you) get tired of them. As these have nothing to do with anything, we are up to suggestions as to what we should do for the weeks joke. Feel free to leave comments/suggestions as to what you would like to see. Funny enough, if both of them make a comic for the week then you'll be getting two, making the name rather misleading.

3. Andrew and I are currently working on an animation project, but it's still WAY in development :)

That's all the news and updates for now! Be sure to check out our blogs/vlogs, and you'll be seeing us later! Now go pillage those villages, you Rooster bandits!! Squawk!

Bringin' The News


2011-06-02 16:30:33 by BearPawMedia

Things are moving forward and running progressively...though, they are progressing at their own pace. Unfortunately, the pace they've chosen to progress at is rather slow. It's kind of like watching an inch worm cross a football field. At first you're all " Wow...he's a fast little devil, ain't he?" but then by the 20 yard line you're all "Zzzzz...."

The main reason things are crawling along as they are is that we don't have our proper materials at the moment. The search for a scanner that doesn't suck and the comics are currently under the editorial process, both of these (at least concerning the interwebs) bring things to a screeching halt. We apologize for what must seem like a lack of effort on our parts, but I assure you we are working hard behind the scenes and now we have a scanner! wOOT!!!

But you didn't come here to hear excuses! You came to find out what's new! So what is going on with Bearpaw Media? Well, I'll tell you, ya star-nose mole, you!

Our artist (and partner) C.H. is having revisions done to his script. This is especially exciting in that his comic, Death, is getting father along its way to publication! So much effort and time has been placed into his work that we can hardly contain ourselves as it gets closer to being finished! Speaking of development, C.H. has also announced he plans to be illustrating a webcomic, called Zoo-Drive thru, which tells the wacky stories of what goes on in the fast food world of the forest! He has received the script for the first issue and can't wait to get started on it.

Andrew Sarpolis and myself are working on a secret project that will rock the very scales of awesome as we know. It will be an epoch of epic, resetting the standard for cartoon comics everywhere.

That's all the news for now. Get outta here and go back to your tunnels!!

Update: What's new?

2010-10-13 15:59:25 by BearPawMedia

Greetings! With the cool air and changing of leaves, fall makes its presence known (at least up here in the north)! With fall, we get apple cider, pumpkins (in all its varieties), Halloween, and the Lions loosing the Thanksgiving game. However, what does it spell out for Bear Paw Media?

Absolutely nothing...


Bear Paw is going to be making a few of its seasonal changes as always. With no convention on the way, the changes are going to be minimal and probably insignificant for the most part. The main change seems to be that more art work will be posted up, rather than comics.

Blue has ended its first volume, consisting of only eight issues for promotional reasons (They were mostly a test to feel out the audience and characters of Blue). New ones should hopefully continue up at the start of November.

It is still a mystery as to what is happening to C41. Creator A.S. has yet to announce his plans for it. He has said to have been working on the website, though progress is coming along very slowly due to complications in technology and college. It should be noted that he and I are currently working on different styles for the comic, though there is no confirmation on whether or not we plan to continue the series.

Artist C.H. has postponed his comic DEATH for personal reasons. We hope that things continue to get better for C.H. and will support him 100%.

I have yet to be informed on the children's books I've been hired to do. Despite this, I'll probably submit works from the concept commissions I've has been asked to do (granted the authors of the books don't mind). I've postponed production of the comic "Phantom of the Empire" for priority reasons. I'll continue to work on it, however it will be at a leisurely pace.

That is all from the Bear Paw Media! More updates will follow when I have something to update!

NOW SCRAM! YOU LOYAL FANS, YOU!! *shakes fist*


2010-09-24 22:40:39 by BearPawMedia

Nothin' much has been happening here at Bear Paw. Things haven't necessarily been getting better, but they aren't as bad as they were. We've hit a plataeu to say the least. Which is not bad at all in our opinions. Atleast we aren't plummeting any more!

So what is up for the future. Pretty much what has been up for the last few months. We are happy to see the steadily growing popularity of Blue, however. There will be plenty of those up in the future, ever Friday! Don't forget to check them out!

See them here

That's all for now. Untill next time!

Well, poopy....

2010-08-18 08:25:20 by BearPawMedia

Forgive us, but we lied in our last post. Things did not smooth out. Infact, they took a pretty hard turn for the worst and we aren't very sure that they are getting better. Luckily enough (says me), this is only applied to our artists' personal lives, and Bearpaw is doing alright. However, what does this spell out for the future? Well...

Coffee for One, despite its surprising popularity (relative to our other stuff), will be placed on hold. Creator Andrew has stated he has not the time to work on the comic now, though would like to continue it when he can. Though I am the artist and was given permission by Andrew, I will not make new issues in respect that it's Andrew's creation.

Myself and C.H. are still working on our comics. Because of the recent negative events, motivation is weak and, well, the output is less than desired. With time, and a few prayers, things will be back up to normal hopefully. I have already begun work on a project, hopefully it will do alright

It should also be noted that college is coming up soon. And we all know that college is the destroyer of all things productive.

That's all for now.

Well, poopy....

We're Back

2010-07-10 19:57:29 by BearPawMedia

Hey every body! Forgive us for being away for so very long. Things have been rather hectic, to say the least. All of us here at Bear Paw Media have been going through quite some changes (be them rough and/or just major) in our lives. That is to say, there has been little time to practice our hobbies, or even focus on them.

On a lighter note, things have decided to smooth out nicely. What does this mean? Why, you silly hobo, this means we can start relaxing and working on those piece you love so much. B.A.M. has already submitted some work (and there is more to come) as he experiments with his styles. He is also working heavily on his comic. Collin Hillyard is working on his comic in a most diligent matter. It is such an improvement. We are very proud. Andrew is working on his writing and hopefully more C41 comics will be produced.

As for our appearances, the Xcape convention has been moved to march, and so we have quite some time to finish our comics and such.

That's just a little taste of what's happening. There will be updates later to keep everyone up with the times!

Smells like....Progress?!?!

2010-05-20 08:27:06 by BearPawMedia

Hello Hello Hello!

These past few weeks (and next few months) have been and will be streniously busy! Why, you impatiently ask? Because Excape Con. 2010 is on the horizon! Comics are underway to get published and printed out! What's more is the comic, Death, will be having it's premier!!! Can you say, pressure?! Now, say it like David Bowe...

Bear Paw Media is also proud to announce that writer Andrew Sarpolis is working on a webcomic! As a member of Bear Paw Media, his skills have yet to be publicized, so this will also be (in a way) his premier! The comic is knowns as "Coffee for One." and Stars (believe it or not) Coffee Beans illustrated by Myself!! We two are extremely excited to start working on it.

That is all for now!

Greetings! I am the artist B.A.M., editor and chief of Bear Paw Media. Though, Bear Paw only consists of three people at the moment, so I guess that's not much of an accomplishment xD

I've come to the art portal of Newgrounds to share our works with even more peoples. We also have a deviantart account, though it doesn't quite compare to the views and comments we get on this account.
People are just so stingy on that site *shakes a fist* Thank goodness for the awesome people of Newgrounds! Thank you all for your support!

I currently have a single comic published called "Phantom of the Empire" and have many other works still being developed. Hopefully issue #2 will be printed by september. Other than that, I attend college and paint guitars for a penny now and then. I also do comissions when ever I get the chance.

Bear Paw is under a comic company called Dark Elf Designs . We owe them our thanks and gratitude for setting us up and teaching us to fly.