Smells like....Progress?!?!

2010-05-20 08:27:06 by BearPawMedia

Hello Hello Hello!

These past few weeks (and next few months) have been and will be streniously busy! Why, you impatiently ask? Because Excape Con. 2010 is on the horizon! Comics are underway to get published and printed out! What's more is the comic, Death, will be having it's premier!!! Can you say, pressure?! Now, say it like David Bowe...

Bear Paw Media is also proud to announce that writer Andrew Sarpolis is working on a webcomic! As a member of Bear Paw Media, his skills have yet to be publicized, so this will also be (in a way) his premier! The comic is knowns as "Coffee for One." and Stars (believe it or not) Coffee Beans illustrated by Myself!! We two are extremely excited to start working on it.

That is all for now!


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2010-06-27 13:38:17

Hey that sounds awesome! I hope all works out :D