Entry #1

Why didn't I write this sooner?

2010-03-29 17:26:49 by BearPawMedia

Greetings! I am the artist B.A.M., editor and chief of Bear Paw Media. Though, Bear Paw only consists of three people at the moment, so I guess that's not much of an accomplishment xD

I've come to the art portal of Newgrounds to share our works with even more peoples. We also have a deviantart account, though it doesn't quite compare to the views and comments we get on this account.
People are just so stingy on that site *shakes a fist* Thank goodness for the awesome people of Newgrounds! Thank you all for your support!

I currently have a single comic published called "Phantom of the Empire" and have many other works still being developed. Hopefully issue #2 will be printed by september. Other than that, I attend college and paint guitars for a penny now and then. I also do comissions when ever I get the chance.

Bear Paw is under a comic company called Dark Elf Designs . We owe them our thanks and gratitude for setting us up and teaching us to fly.


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2010-03-29 17:40:38

Your art is cool :D

BearPawMedia responds:

Why thank you ^_^


2010-03-29 18:37:56

Yes, your art does appear to be fairly decent.

BearPawMedia responds:

I hope you enjoy ^_^


2010-04-17 10:10:52

Well brock i hope i can have something for u to post soon :D