Well, poopy....

2010-08-18 08:25:20 by BearPawMedia

Forgive us, but we lied in our last post. Things did not smooth out. Infact, they took a pretty hard turn for the worst and we aren't very sure that they are getting better. Luckily enough (says me), this is only applied to our artists' personal lives, and Bearpaw is doing alright. However, what does this spell out for the future? Well...

Coffee for One, despite its surprising popularity (relative to our other stuff), will be placed on hold. Creator Andrew has stated he has not the time to work on the comic now, though would like to continue it when he can. Though I am the artist and was given permission by Andrew, I will not make new issues in respect that it's Andrew's creation.

Myself and C.H. are still working on our comics. Because of the recent negative events, motivation is weak and, well, the output is less than desired. With time, and a few prayers, things will be back up to normal hopefully. I have already begun work on a project, hopefully it will do alright

It should also be noted that college is coming up soon. And we all know that college is the destroyer of all things productive.

That's all for now.

Well, poopy....


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