Bringin' The News

2012-02-11 06:02:26 by BearPawMedia

Hello to all! We're back again with some NEWS!! Excited? Oh... well you should be!

First off, we apologize for the lack of updates via news journals. If you aren't aware by now, Collin and myself have been making monthly(ish) vlogs which contain lots of future plans and ideas the two have in store for Bearpaw Media. A lot of news and updates are given via the vlogs, so it slipped our minds about making an actual official News update. Despite the vlogs, we will continue to post news updates via the News Journal to give you a more formal approach as to the future of Bearpaw.

Secondly, we are currently having some website issues, as our web host is going out of service. The domain is still secured, however this means that we cannot update the site nor check our emails until we up and find a new host. We are working to handle the situation as fast as we can, but until things are more stable our Deviantart and Facebook pages will be the main source for uploads and updates. Hopefully the situation will be handled before the month of February is over, and we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. For those of you seeking commissions or needing to contact us for any reason, please MESSAGE US THROUGH DEVIANTART OR A COMMENT ON OUR FACEBOOK PAGE. We will update as soon as possible once our email is up and functional.

Issues aside, what are we planning on bringing to the table? Well quit your sqwakin', ya band of Rooster bandits! We're getting' to it!

As everyone and their cousins probably know by now, I'm currently illustrating a kids book for Smiling Daisy books. The dead line is the middle of this month and the e-book is due to come out this summer. There are a lot of good vibes coming from the project and we personally can't wait to see the final product.
While working on that, I'm also working on getting my graphic novel, "Royal Fool", finished by the end of April. Though it would be great if it could be published this spring, the actual publishing date is still up in the air for the time being.

With these two projects currently under my belt (along with school), I've been very busy and noticed the sort of void left on site. Well thou shalt feel neglected no longer!! Andrew, Collin, and myself are teaming together to whip up small but epic pieces to bring to the table while they work on the larger projects. These pieces include:

1. "The Backward Cases of Antoinette": An episodic adventure web comic featuring the delightfully nonsensically derpy Antoinette, a skunk who seeks to be the greatest private investigator there is. With the help of the former criminal, Auguste the fox, she will try her best to solve as many cases as she can and bring peace to psychotic inhabitants of Wormwood Forest. Written and drawn by Me Co-written and additional work by Collin & Andrew

2. One Panel-One Week Comics: Collin & I will be working on One panel "funnies" every(ish) week. These will start this next week and run until we (or you) get tired of them. As these have nothing to do with anything, we are up to suggestions as to what we should do for the weeks joke. Feel free to leave comments/suggestions as to what you would like to see. Funny enough, if both of them make a comic for the week then you'll be getting two, making the name rather misleading.

3. Andrew and I are currently working on an animation project, but it's still WAY in development :)

That's all the news and updates for now! Be sure to check out our blogs/vlogs, and you'll be seeing us later! Now go pillage those villages, you Rooster bandits!! Squawk!

Bringin' The News


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