2011-06-02 16:30:33 by BearPawMedia

Things are moving forward and running progressively...though, they are progressing at their own pace. Unfortunately, the pace they've chosen to progress at is rather slow. It's kind of like watching an inch worm cross a football field. At first you're all " Wow...he's a fast little devil, ain't he?" but then by the 20 yard line you're all "Zzzzz...."

The main reason things are crawling along as they are is that we don't have our proper materials at the moment. The search for a scanner that doesn't suck and the comics are currently under the editorial process, both of these (at least concerning the interwebs) bring things to a screeching halt. We apologize for what must seem like a lack of effort on our parts, but I assure you we are working hard behind the scenes and now we have a scanner! wOOT!!!

But you didn't come here to hear excuses! You came to find out what's new! So what is going on with Bearpaw Media? Well, I'll tell you, ya star-nose mole, you!

Our artist (and partner) C.H. is having revisions done to his script. This is especially exciting in that his comic, Death, is getting father along its way to publication! So much effort and time has been placed into his work that we can hardly contain ourselves as it gets closer to being finished! Speaking of development, C.H. has also announced he plans to be illustrating a webcomic, called Zoo-Drive thru, which tells the wacky stories of what goes on in the fast food world of the forest! He has received the script for the first issue and can't wait to get started on it.

Andrew Sarpolis and myself are working on a secret project that will rock the very scales of awesome as we know. It will be an epoch of epic, resetting the standard for cartoon comics everywhere.

That's all the news for now. Get outta here and go back to your tunnels!!


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