We're Back

2010-07-10 19:57:29 by BearPawMedia

Hey every body! Forgive us for being away for so very long. Things have been rather hectic, to say the least. All of us here at Bear Paw Media have been going through quite some changes (be them rough and/or just major) in our lives. That is to say, there has been little time to practice our hobbies, or even focus on them.

On a lighter note, things have decided to smooth out nicely. What does this mean? Why, you silly hobo, this means we can start relaxing and working on those piece you love so much. B.A.M. has already submitted some work (and there is more to come) as he experiments with his styles. He is also working heavily on his comic. Collin Hillyard is working on his comic in a most diligent matter. It is such an improvement. We are very proud. Andrew is working on his writing and hopefully more C41 comics will be produced.

As for our appearances, the Xcape convention has been moved to march, and so we have quite some time to finish our comics and such.

That's just a little taste of what's happening. There will be updates later to keep everyone up with the times!


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