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2010-10-13 15:59:25 by BearPawMedia

Greetings! With the cool air and changing of leaves, fall makes its presence known (at least up here in the north)! With fall, we get apple cider, pumpkins (in all its varieties), Halloween, and the Lions loosing the Thanksgiving game. However, what does it spell out for Bear Paw Media?

Absolutely nothing...


Bear Paw is going to be making a few of its seasonal changes as always. With no convention on the way, the changes are going to be minimal and probably insignificant for the most part. The main change seems to be that more art work will be posted up, rather than comics.

Blue has ended its first volume, consisting of only eight issues for promotional reasons (They were mostly a test to feel out the audience and characters of Blue). New ones should hopefully continue up at the start of November.

It is still a mystery as to what is happening to C41. Creator A.S. has yet to announce his plans for it. He has said to have been working on the website, though progress is coming along very slowly due to complications in technology and college. It should be noted that he and I are currently working on different styles for the comic, though there is no confirmation on whether or not we plan to continue the series.

Artist C.H. has postponed his comic DEATH for personal reasons. We hope that things continue to get better for C.H. and will support him 100%.

I have yet to be informed on the children's books I've been hired to do. Despite this, I'll probably submit works from the concept commissions I've has been asked to do (granted the authors of the books don't mind). I've postponed production of the comic "Phantom of the Empire" for priority reasons. I'll continue to work on it, however it will be at a leisurely pace.

That is all from the Bear Paw Media! More updates will follow when I have something to update!

NOW SCRAM! YOU LOYAL FANS, YOU!! *shakes fist*


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